Affordable Web Sites
for Small Businesses

Our process for developing a small business Web site is relatively simple, and usually takes about a week.

If you need a larger site (more than about 8 pages) or have more complex needs (such as online sales) then please contact us for a free consultation and quote.

1.  Contact us for a free consultation
Contact us today for a free consultation about how to advertise your business more effectively on the Internet.
2.  Your free demo web site
We'll be happy to develop a free demo site for your review. We'll use any graphics and text you may have, and work with you to develop any further art and content you may need. We'll also research what domain names ( are available for your site, and develop a list of search engines and Internet directories suitable for promoting it. It usually takes only a few days to produce a demo for a small business site. Your demo site will then be posted to one of our servers, allowing you to review it. We'll make any changes you require before making it available to the public.
3.  Your contract
Only after you approve your demo site will we ask you to sign a contract and pay the first monthly charge of $29. You may cancel the contract at anytime without further obligation. We also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.
4.  Your domain name
Upon receipt of your signed contract, we will purchase the new domain name of your choice and use it to post your site on the Internet. (The cost of the domain name is included as part of our standard package.) It usually takes one to two days for the new domain name to take effect and the new site to be visible to everyone.
5.  Your email accounts
We'll set up as many business email accounts ( as you need and show you how to access them using your PC's email program.  We can also arrange for your business email to be forwarded to your personal email account. We'll even show you how to have your business email automatically placed in its own Inbox, to keep it separate from your personal email.
6.  Promoting your site
Once the site is published, we'll register it with popular search engines and the Internet directories appropriate for your location and business. We'll provide you with a list of these directories, and work with you to monitor your online reviews.
7.  Continued service and support
Help is just a phone call away. Contact us at any time for support, site maintenance or assistance of any kind. Bridgeport provides up to 4 hours of free service each year.
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